NYC Blogger lunch!

I told you all Wednesday that the adorable Janae was coming to town and a bunch of us were meeting for lunch at Grand Central Food Court today. We had such a good time! There ended up being about 10 of us total and after standing and chatting for a bit we split up to find food. Most of us wanted pizza, so Two Boots was definitely the place to go!

They have so many creative options, vegetarian, vegan friendly, a variety of crusts, and all of their pizza’s have super creative names (Big Maybell, Newman, The Dude, Mr. Pink….) I went with the Earth Mother, which is an incredibly delicious whole wheat crust topped with 5 different garden veggies. The cheese is optional, so it can be vegan, but obviously I am part mouse, and we all know I asked for the cheese!

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay as long as I would have liked, but it was so great to meet new people, and talk about running, eating, and blogging 🙂 I definitely made some new friends! Check out some of their blogs: Catie, April, Sarah, Abby, Meghann, Dorry

Thanks so much to Jenae for organizing this!! You can check out her post on the get-together Here.

How cute is her baby bump?!?!

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