What goes up, must come down….

Well, we took off Monday because the weather at The Ranch looked semi-decent. I was determined to get a birthday skydive in! We woke up super early and got there right as Load 1 was going up. So, we did our flight plans, got our gear ready and put ourselves on load 2. There were definitely a ton of clouds in the air, but there all seemed to be enough holes that we should have enough visibility.

We boarded the plane, got up to altitude and opened the door to waaaaaaaaay too many clouds. So, down goes the door and and down goes the plane 😦  We’ve never had to fly the plane back down before, so this was a new experience. FYI- it’s nothing like landing in any other plane. The pilot makes an immediate nosedive and you basically fly straight down. The object is to get the the ground as quick as possible with using the least amount of fuel. I thought it was fun- Joe almost threw up.

Back on the ground, we decided to wait it out and hope the clouds broke up again. This is my angry face of waiting:

At around 3 the clouds broke up and the sun came out…..and so did the wind….we began to realize we were fighting a losing battle and should just give up. With a storm moving in that night it was only going to get worse. So, we packed it in and left.

We were starving by this point and had a a lot more extra time than we had planned, so where do we go? I’ll give you one guess….

Bacchus of course!!

Joe and I tried a couple new beers and I got a couple more locations stamped on my passport! I also had Leea write in Michigan because it’s not even on the passport! How rude!

Abita Purple Haze Raspberry Wheat –> Louisiana

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA –> Delaware

Founders Centennial IPA –> MICHIGAN!

The Founders was definitely our favorite, and not just because it is brewed in just a great state. We also ordered the black bean tacos to split. These are so fresh and they definitely don’t skimp on the toppings! We had fish marinating at home to grill, so just needed something to hold us over for a bit.

Back to the city we go! We made record time on this drive and even got a parking spot right away on our favorite parking street (93rd!).

George Washington Bridge

Short, but busy week ahead, and we are going to see War Horse at Lincoln Center on Saturday- woohoo!

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