Birthday (continued…)

After lunch yesterday, I went downtown to get in some much needed dog time and play with this weirdo.

I also stopped at Sephora to pick up my free Birthday gift!

Then I came home to a package from Joe’s parents…something about his family seems to like the Xmas wrapping this June. haha. They got me a sweater, some kitchen utensils, and compression socks that will arrive in another package. So nice!

I just had time to repaint my toenails and get dressed before I had to leave to meet Joe across town. As I got close to the address he left me, I realized we were going to The Mermaid Inn! Very excited- loved this place the last time Stella and I went. It looked like it was going to star raining, so we chose to sit inside at the bar. Joe said we were just staying for a drink or two and then had dinner reservations somewhere else. We both had a six point and I was BEYOND thrilled to see they serve bowls of Goldfish at the bar!

Mermaid is actually known for their oysters and they are pretty decently priced. I am not an oyster fan, however. I have tried them once (many many years ago) and just didn’t see the appeal since you pretty much just shoot it back and swallow. But, Joe loves oysters, so I agreed to try one again…maybe my tastes have changed? Well…I didn’t love it, but I guess I didn’t hate it either…so I had another. 2 was enough and I still don’t ever see myself ordering them.

When it was time for dinner, we walked over to Broadway and up a couple blocks to find ourselves in front of Carmines. This is a super famous restaurant with 2 locations in the city. I had never been to either, so was pretty excited to try it out. The place was HUGE!! Very hustle and bustle and a little touristy, but the food sounded great.

We ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigio and the waiter brought us a bread basket. I love when you get a basket of mixed breads to choose from. I had bites of a few of them, but didn’t want to fill up.

We were told the portions here are enormous so should just order one dish. We decided to get an antipasti appetizer as well and this is what came out!

Toledo, they were not kidding when they said portions were large! There were some really good marinated olives, provolone, tomato salad, seafood salad, mozzarella, 3 kinds of cous cous, and some various meats of which I did not partake, but Joe was impressed with. Check out how the prosciutto is draped over that 2 foot bread-stick! The dip in the middle was a pureed eggplant and sooooo goood! Obviously we barely made a dent in this platter and had a lot to take home. Unfortunately when we got home I realized they didn’t give us the eggplant dip…booo 😦

For an entree we decided on the fish of the day which was a filet of sole (tuned out to be 4 filets!) with shrimp, truffles, and baby potatoes in a white wine buttery sauce of heaven. We ate less than half of this too, so have plenty of leftovers for dinner tonight. mmmmmmmmm….

Overall it was a really good meal, but since you have to do something super above and beyond, I’ll give Carmine’s 3 out of 4 pickles 🙂

We were too full for dessert, so no candle to blow out this year, but that’s ok! Joe and I headed home and settled into the couch to watch some bad TV. It was a nice low-key end to a great day and wonderful evening with my Joe!

Yay for birthdays!

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