Happy National Running Day!!!

I gave some serious thought to going for a run today to celebrate the day, but I held back and stuck with the elliptical. It’s a beautiful day in NYC too, so this was not an easy decision. BUT I am committed to letting my legs rest and waiting for them to be in tip-top condition before I hit the pavement. Click Here an interesting exercise from Runner’s World to prevent shin splints:

I had to work a long day today in order to have my b-day off tomorrow, but the celebrations started early when my two favorite girls took me out for happy hour last night!

We went to a little Spanish place in the East Village called Agozar. We’ve all been there before (once for Jari’s b-day in fact!) so it wasn’t anything new. But we did try out some new tapas and drinks. They have buy one get one free on cocktails and food until 8pm. We all went with a spicy margarita, which is made with tequila and jalepeno juice. When they brought them out they told us the one with the giant jalepeno in it (MINE!) meant good luck! They also said that you have to eat the jalepeno- HA!

Now, I have an incredibly high tolerance for spiciness, but this drink was soooo hot, I had to eat a bite of something between each sip to cancel out the burn! And, speaking of eating, we ordered the double garlic shrimp and a basket of plantain chips, which comes with two types of dip: guacamole and black bean. All of our food was really good!

The service wasn’t the best there, but once our waiter heard it was my b-day he picked things up a bit. And they brought us a free Birthday shot (which was mostly pineapple juice).

The prices are good and the food was surprisingly yummy, so I will give them 3 out of 4 pickles 🙂

I had a great time with the girls, and was home by 9:30 to catch the end of Dance Moms!

Did anyone go for a run to celebrate National Running Day? How far did you run?

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