Why can’t all weekends be 3 days long?

I felt like baking on Friday and Joe never argues with that, so I made some chocolate chip cookies. They weren’t the best batch in the world…our oven seems to bake sort of unevenly and a bit on the hot side, but he seemed like them anyway. I enjoyed the dough 🙂

Saturday started with some cardio at the gym and then work and a delicious tub of watermelon! Yum!

It was a bit slow, so I had time to enjoy a snack and last months issue of Parachutist Magazine.

After work I met up with Stella and we headed back to Mole.

Our favorite bartender, Justin was there and took very good care of us.

We enjoyed a couple Sierra’s and shared some chips and guacamole.

We ate it so quickly I didn’t get a chance to take a picture!

Then we met up with Joe and Marc at Merrion Square which is conveniently located on our corner! We were all hungry, and they have a deal where you buy a beer and get a free burger or veggie burger!! You seriously cannot beat that! I forgot to snap a picture, but they actually make really good veggie burgers. I had mine with sweet potato fries and Stella went with curly.

I was very excited to see this random dude wearing a Detroit hat- gotta love the mitten!

After our free dinner Stella got her groove back with some ski-ball. I never lost my groove, but I played a couple rounds too.

Not only does Merrion Square have ski ball and free burgers, but they had the watermelon beer Jackie introduced me to on tap! I went with a Peak Organic though. They definitely get 4 out of 4 pickles.

We decided to move the party back to our apartment and Stella brought over the 2 cuties to play with. I want a dog…..

Sunday morning we checked the weather and it was looking pretty stormy at The Ranch, so we made a judgement call and decided to stay in the city. No jumping this weekend 😦 However we are planning to spend next weekend up there, so fingers crossed the weather is perfect for b-day jumps!

Joe and I headed out for a bike ride, which was more of a coast than a workout ride, but we had a lot of fun. We went up the East Side and over the bridge to Randall’s Island. It was a happening place to be- tons of people were out and about. I conquered a rock.

When we got back home, we cleaned ourselves up and headed out to Brunch. This was an interesting meal…..Aegean has a 2 course brunch + unlimited sangria deal that we wanted to try. Our waitress was completely confused the entire time.  For our first course we got the zucchini pancake and hummus.

They also give you this really dense delicious bread with some olives and this incredible spicy sauce made of olives, jalepeno peppers, roasted peppers and a couple other things I can’t remember. This sauce was soooooooooo good. I took home 5 mini containers!

Our Apps were really tasty…. No complaints yet. Then about 2.2 minutes after getting our first course they brought out our main course. There wasn’t even room on the table! Joe ordered the falafel sandwich and I got the grilled vegetable sandwich. Unfortunately, they brought me a lamb sandwich…ugh.  Our waitress put in a new order for my veggie wich and they came out immediately. Now we have 3 sandwiches and two appetizers all trying to fit on the table.

Joe ended up eating 1/2 of the lamb and 1/2 of the falafel. I had some of the falafel and 1/2 of my veggie when it came out. They were both just ok…nothing to write home about. But, the sangria was strong and fruity. Cheers!

Mixed reviews on this place and I am going to give it 2 out of 4 pickles.

After brunch Joe and I went back to Merrion Square and had a pint or two. It was a great Sunday that really made me want another weekend day! Good news about this Monday- It’s my birth week!!! Woohoo!

Anyone else have a birthday this week?

3 responses to “Why can’t all weekends be 3 days long?

  1. Walter White’s favorite drink is Fat Tire on draft. I win.

  2. Sherry and I have expanded the idea of birth week into a month long celebration…so June – you and I will share the whole month!

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