Monthly Archives: May 2012

Saturday night at Hank & Emily’s

Joe and I got to his parent’s house in New Jersey around 5:30 and quickly freshened up before heading over to our friends house. The weather was horribly muggy and starting to rain a little bit, but that didn’t stop anyone from having a good time outside.

Hank and Emily have a beautiful house, a giant black lab, and a pet pig named Hamlet. Yes, that is correct…a pet pig. Check out joe making friends

Seconds after this picture was taken, Hamlet launched himself at the fence in an attempt to eat Joe, I am pretty sure. That is seriously one angry pig. He continued to give us the evil-eye all night.

There were games!

Hang out time with our favorite Greeks 🙂

Afrodite & Achilleas – getting married in September!!

Lots of food and drinks…one highlight brought by Jackie – watermelon beer! Light and refreshing with a hint of watermelon.

And lots of general wackiness

Serious look of determination on Emily’s face

The earlier watermelon beer inspired a concoction of watermelon champagne! YUM!

We definitely drank too much and stayed up too late, but had a really great time. Thanks Hank and Emily!

More to come…up next: Nick’s Party – he got his wings!!