Friday Food Update


I haven’t really posted much about eating/cooking lately, so I thought I would give a quick recap.

I’ve been a little stuck on my granola, banana, soy milk, PB, chia, flax concoction this week, but I did switch it up once this week with this:

Scrambled egg whites with spinach, onion, tomato,cottage cheese wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla

Eaten while catching up on Carrots n’ Cake posts. Some random snacks have included:

Many handfuls 🙂


My string cheese addiction is our of slightly control

I’m obsessed with Goldfish and Duane Reade now sells this Nice brand of foods for pretty cheap. The penguins were too cute to resist.

Post hot yoga hydration

Joe and I have had a weird week of evenings apart, so haven’t done much cooking this week.

squash roasted with cumin and curry

Which combined with other things came out to an amazing dinner

Tilapia breaded with panko, over spinach and brown rice with the above roasted squash and drizzled with siracha (obvi)

And tonight’s dinner started with:

spinach, onion, veggie sausage, broccoli,cauliflower.

Then I seared some polenta slices:

Polenta! with jane’s seasonings!

And all together…makes this:

So good! Protein packed + pinot grigio = happy friday night

Thats all for the Friday food post, but I will be posting all weekend from JERSEY!



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