Windy landings and beer!

As planned, I woke myself up way too early on Sunday eager and ready to get up to the ranch. I had high hopes for at least 2 jumps and diving exits from the plane. Joe took a lot of annoying prodding from me to get up and moving, but he finally got sick of me pouncing on him and we hit the road.

It was an absolutely beautiful day- not a cloud in the sky, mid 70’s and what seemed to be very calm winds. However, when we arrived the winds suddenly picked up at ground level and Joe and I decided to wait a little while before attempting to go up. We actually even geared up and walked out to the loading area, but saw some gusty winds and crazy landings happening, so we made an executive decision and pulled ourselves off the load.  We spent the next couple hours hanging out, playing on the slack line in the packing area and just basking in the sun. Basically a lot of this…

[Picture from a couple months ago] 

And watching this….

So that we didn’t end up like this…

(this was our friend Kevin from a few weeks ago…he may still be in that tree)

The winds finally calmed enough for us to go up. We climbed aboard and for the first time Joe was going to jump right before me…I always want to go first, but he’s bigger and falls faster, so it really is safer for him to jump out first. We got in the door together to spot the drop zone and then out and away he went. It was pretty cool to watch him disappear!

Then I got I got in the door and after a wave good-bye to the wing-suit trio in the plane, I swung around and did a backward floating exit (my current favorite). It was a great jump and so clear out that everything looked beautiful. One wing suit dude zipped by me at some point which was also super cool to see. All went really well, but on my final approach for landing there was a wacky crosswind again and I just started crabbing over to the edge of the drop zone. I came down a little hard and had to roll (PLF) out of it, but it was a great jump none the less.

We decided that given the zany winds we were going to call it a day after one jump and relax at Bacchus before heading home. I was determined to get some states checked off on my beer passport. So, I started with a Long Trail Double Bag..


Then I switched it up to a Gooseneck IPA


At this point we were both starving, so ordered one of our favorite appetizers; crab, artichoke, and avocado dip served with pita bread…it is ridiculous how delicious this is!

One more beer before hitting the road (don’t worry, Joe always drives). I decided to go back to the east coast and try a Sea Dog Raspberry. It was light, and crisp with just a hint of fruit. I like fruity beers, but only when the fruit isn’t completely overpowering.


Bartender Jessie trying to sneak into the picture…check!

It was getting late by the time we got back to the city and found parking, so we just heated up some quick left-overs for dinner, showered off the jumpsuit and helmet grime and crawled into bed.

Cheers to another phenomenal weekend. Hope everyone has a great week!!

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