Free Pudding!….oh yea…and a race…

Clearly I am more excited about the free pudding. haha. Last night I met up with my good friend Stella for some catch up time. We went to Mermaid Inn on the upper west side and slid in just in time to catch the end of happy hour and a half. So, we both got a Six Point Sweet action and shared some very delicious mini mermaid fish tacos. I forgot to take a picture because we devoured them in .2 seconds, but they were made with blackened tilapia, avocado, and and smoked jalapeno. YUM!

When our server brought the bill, we were surprised with these free espesso cups of chocolate pudding- I don’t remember the last time I had pudding, but I was totally craving chocolate, so this hit the spot! Also, I love anything free!

Along with this, we were given a fortune telling fish…have you seen these? (that’s Stella below)

You place the fish in your hand and then depending how the fish moves, it tells you what you’re feeling….

Apparently Stella was feeling in love. I took mine home for Joe to do and it came out as fickle! Mine said I was jealous…this fish is a crock!

Mermaid Inn was really good and although we didn’t eat dinner, I would definitely go back because the entrees looked very interesting and I would love to try some of them. Also, my mom said I should come up with a rating system for the restaurants I go to, so look for that coming soon. She suggested a star system, but I am going to go with pickles instead of stars (ex: Mermaid gets 4 out of 5 pickles).

This morning I made a breakfast that I am already planning to recreate tomorrow. Kashi (not sure which kind since it’s from a 1/2 bag I stole from my mom when I was home 😉 ), chia seeds, flax seeds, 1/2 sliced banana, scoop of peanut butter, and soy milk. All mixed together and eaten out of my very favorite Breckenridge mug, of course!

Now…about that race Joe and I are running this weekend…oy…neither of us are feeling too good about it. We both seem to be having serious shin splint issues so haven’t been able to train as much as we would like. I had planned on a 10 mile run on Monday, but only got as far as 2.6 miles, and I had to stop because it was too painful. I am not going to run again til the race, stick to other forms of exercise, and hope my legs will heal a little better. So, after Hot Yoga yesterday, I stopped at New York Road Runners to pick up our race stuff for the Brooklyn 1/2 Marathon….T-minus 3 days….ahhhhhhhh!!!

I’m off to Spinning than work. Have a great Wednesday!!

2 responses to “Free Pudding!….oh yea…and a race…

  1. Wish I could be there in person to cheer you on!

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