Awesome Weekend!

You know you had a good weekend when you are exhausted on Monday and have sore muscles that you didn’t even know existed. After a brief stint at the Yoga Studio on Saturday morning, Joe and I made our way up to The Ranch only to be confronted with whipping winds 😦 However, we had planned to hang out all weekend, so we were prepared to wait it out and hope they died down…5 hours later- they did!! So, we geared up and boarded the plane for a sunset jump. I was trying a new exit and was super pumped to give it a shot. The exit went great the skydive was phenomenal. The landing was a little rough because of some lingering wind, but I walked away unscathed and incredibly happy! Joe had a great jump too, but his landing was slightly rougher than mine. He managed to pick the one strip of pavement in the drop zone to land in and ended up with some scratched up hands. Unfazed, he still had a HUGE smile on his face when I found him in the packing area. There was no daylight left for a second jump, so I took the money I had planned to spend on that and got a new (used) altimeter!! We said our goodbyes and headed to our usual post-jump bar, Bacchus, for a pint and a bite. And because it was Saturday night, there was a live band which turned out to be really great! Joe and I are both trying to fill in our beer passports (mine goes by countries & states and Joes goes by beer type). We had to get separate kinds because he thinks I have a tendency to “get competitive”…I have no idea what he’s talking about 😉 I had a couple different ones from California, but found this Flying Dog IPA from Colorado that I was really excited about! Joe and I also split some chips and salsa and the Ahi Tuna Sandwich. The food at Bacchus is always tasty and this sandwich really hit the spot!  After Bacchus we grabbed some snacks and drove the jeep to the campsite. We had planned to park and build a fire in a small area that is usually open. Unfortunately, the lot was packed, so we had to park on the street and ended up just hanging out in the back of the jeep before we were too tired and curled up in our cozy little jeep bed for the night. We woke up bright and early and grabbed some coffee before heading up to the mountains. We found our spot at Chalkboard Wall and Joe got to work setting everything up while I checked out the wildlife…look at this guy! This climb was really fun, but super challenging at one point and took me 3 tries to reach the top. Joe of course climbed it 3 times in a row like a pro!

Like any normal person, I celebrate a good climb with a handstand at the top! ha!

After we were sufficiently tired and out of time, we packed things up and headed back to New Jersey for a Mother’s Day BBQ. Sadly, I couldn’t be with my mom this year, but it was great to spend the evening with Joe’s family. Lots of delicious food, a hot shower, and fresh clothes and I was ready to call it a night. We left to head back to the city pretty late so I slept for most of the drive, and finding parking at 1am was not too easy either, but we finally made it home and collapsed into bed.

All in all it was a really great weekend! Can’t wait to do it again!

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