Spin Curcuit

I tried a new class at the gym today – spin circuit. It basically combines spinning with arm weights and the last 15 minutes are on the mat doing abs. Since it was at noon on a rainy Wednesday there were only four of us, which I think made it even more challenging. I definitely need to work on my arms more because they were dying during the weight portion!

I came home and made what turned out to be a super delicious lunch. I used the leftover avocado and tomato from Sunday nights taco party;


mashed it together and spread it on slices of a multi-grain baguette then topped it with egg whites. It looks kind of gross in the picture, but trust me, it was good!


Off to work where dinner of last nights left overs (Annie’s Organic Mac n’ Cheese baked with corn and broccoli topped with breadcrumbs) will be eaten.

Enjoy the rest of your hump day!

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