Long time no blog!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Hope it has been muy bueno for everyone so far! I had to start the day with work, but then went on a great 12 mile bike ride in Central Park while Joe ran his 6. Felt great to get back on the bike outside!

A little cath-up:

I went to Michigan for the weekend and as usual it went SO FAST!! I never feel like I get enough time there when I visit. I got in on Saturday night and my mom and I just hung in since we had a big day on Sunday. The most exciting of which was seeing my sister (recently engaged!!) She hates having her picture taken, so her hand will take her place for now 😉


 And this little man!!Image

 I got to hold Noah for a couple minutes, but he was sleeping most of the visit. Blake and I had a ton of fun playing with his new sandbox though! How adorable is this kid?!

Among other highlights of the trip home was dinner with my Aunt and Uncle, a movie, and lot of good hang out time with my mom- miss her so much!

On Tuesday I packed up my jeep and trekked it back to the East Coast with the best co-pilot ever!


I hadn’t seen Joe in 10 days and couldn’t wait! We’ve had a busy work week and lots of catching up to do, so I have been away from the blog world a bit. Back in action now and amped up the training….I am not feeling at all ready for this 1/2 marathon in 2 weeks…YIKES!

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