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Sunday Funday (and a calmer Monday)

Sunday started with sleeping later than planned- we had plans to go on a bike ride, but we woke up at 10 to oppressive heat and pouring rain! Boo!

By the time we dropped off Jackie and got back to Joe’s parent’s house, it was noon and we were expected to be at Nick’s Graduation party by 3. So, we ate quickly, showered, and went to run a couple errands. One of which was picking up a gift for a friends who just had a baby. I wanted to go to Kohl’s to check our running clothes, so while we were there we decided to peruse the baby section. SCORE!

The bear and book combined was only $5!! And the onesie only $6….I cannot stop talking about what a great deal this was! I literally wanted to buy every book & bear they had just to stock pile for future baby gifts! I held myself back….

After shopping, we headed over to Nicks for the giant backyard BBQ. There was sooooo much food, unfortunately 95% of it was meat.

I managed to piece together a veggie meal, but people were most impressed by the full pig that was being smoked in this contraption.

I will spare you the visual of the actual pig since I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture. I drank a few beers and enjoyed some of the desserts- CAKE BALLS by Jamie 🙂

I am completely melting in this picture

And we all gathered to celebrate Nick’s HUGE accomplishment.

Nick, his girlfriend Megan, and his parents

He’s now a First Lieutenant for the Army flying these massive things!!! So impressive.


Most of the kids and parents left in the evening and then this group took charge of the party

Which can only lead to debauchery like this… a giant game of flip-cup

I can be seen leaning over the table, yelling at my team to “get it together and focus!!”

Once again, it turned into a rather late night, but so much fun!

We slept too late to bike again on Monday, but there was a severe heat warning out again, so it probably wouldn’t have been a good idea anyway.

We had to pop by a birthday party very briefly before going to Joe’s Aunts for a family dinner. It was a much calmer day basically used to recover from the previous 2. We got back to the city after midnight again and fell right into bed.

All in all it was a really great weekend spent with amazing people. And a wonderful way to send a big thank you to all who serve our country- including my cousin John currently stationed in Kuwait

John & Justin