It’s an ironic title. I won’t be jumping this weekend (super sad face) but I will be on a plane! I am heading to Michigan tomorrow afternoon to meet my new nephew Noah


and drive my jeep back to NYC. Believe me, I have been “anti-car” since moving here 8 years ago,but for the amount we spend on rentals and leaving the city, this will save us soooo much!

Besides that, I am sooo excited to hang with my mom and my little sis, I can’t wait to leave this island!!

For those interested…Joe has left the Galapagos today and is exploring Quito, South America. He starts his trip back to USA tomorrow, but sadly we won’t cross paths as I leave a couple hours earlier. So it will be another 4 days til we reunite 😦  However, I cannot wait to upload the phenomenal pics of his trips!

As for me…I am attempting to bread some flounder in Joe’s Italian fam breading (amazing…recipe by request) and add it to salad. I may roast a sweet potato to add (undecided) or toast some bread  and start packing for my weekend home!


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