20 trail miles & a beagle convention

What is a beagle convention you may ask? It looks a little something like this!IMG_3500[1]

We tried out a new trail south of Denver for our VERY LAST long run! And when we arrived, there were literally dozens of beagles and more arriving by the minute. haha- the howling was out of control!

Anyway, the weather was perfect for our run and we started out at a nice pace. The foliage was beautiful, but eventually the sun came out and it warmed up quite a bit.IMG_3501[1]

The trail wasn’t quite as long as we thought, so we had to do a bit of looping and be-bopping around. BUT – we got to that 20 mile mark. The last couple were pretty tough as a lot of trails had some big climbs and descents…my legs were shot by the end!IMG_3503[1]

Fortunately, we went straight to Denver Sports Recovery and got right into the cold tub. 15 minutes in the ice followed by some e-stim and normatec boots, and we were good to go!

Ice tub!

Ice tub!


Good to go to lunch that is :) Bloody mary, deviled eggs, and a cup of vegetarian gumbo! Refueling at it’s finest!IMG_3506[1]IMG_3507[1]

Later, Joe and I made an awesome comfort food dinner or breaded chicken cutlets and mashed potatoes…mmmmIMG_3499[1]

13 days til NYC Marathon and I am getting more and more excited by the minute. 2 week taper starts now!

How was your weekend? Any long runs?